Click the Book Now button to receive free business advice that will give you a super-profitable automotive bodyshop business. You will get solutions to your biggest problems and we will tell you how to achieve better financial results in the collision repair industry. One of our actual business consultants (yes, a qualified professional, not just a sales rep) will call you at the time you request. All fields on the booking page must be completed in order that we can help you.


In an effort to help business owners of crash repair facilities achieve much better financial performance, The Business Firm offers a limited number of consults at no cost to the industry, as part of its Free Advisory Service. This free service is available to collision repair businesses (either standalone or that are part of a network or dealership) anywhere in the world. We can accommodate calls conducted in English and in Italian. (Spanish coming soon)

This Free Advisory Service consists of two parts: firstly, a 15-minute Triage Call to diagnose the cause of any problems you may be experiencing and to understand what you would like us to help you achieve; and secondly, a follow up call that gives you both the most appropriate actions required to solve those problems; and also what is needed to achieve your goals. While there are always multiple potential courses of action a bodyshop business can take upon encountering opportunities or threats, there usually is only one that is actually cost efficient and effective. We can tell you what that is after your Triage Call.

Whether you want to achieve accellerated business growth, greater profitability, expansion to new markets, much larger sales, reduce your reliance on insurance work, get prestige car approvals, diversify your revenue risk or want to gain siginificant marketing advantages over your competitors - we'll give you some free advice on how to make all these things happen.

Simply click the Book Now button to open a new window showing our online YouCanBookMe Calendar, from which you choose an available time that suits you. Please book a 15 minute timeslot only. Our consultant will then call you at your booked time for your Triage Call. All the information given to you is of no cost and carries no obligation - it is simply there as a fabulous shortcut to help you move forward in your business and get the outcomes you want. Please note that your information is NEVER shared with any other party. Click the Book Now button for your first step to getting free, automotive-specific help.



We are a business services consultancy based in South Australia that delivers specialised, high perofrmance outcomes for businesses in the automotive repair industry. Our business is all about making your bodyshop business more successful. We are here to serve owners of automotive businesses that offer collision repairs and spray painting, dealerships, mechanical services, parts and car sales. Our clients are in Australia, Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, India, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia. We are able to do great things for both small and large business: from Mum & Dad shops to big facilities and up to large, multi-site and national chain organisations.

Every week that goes by without using our systems would be costing you thousands of dollars of lost cash...literally. Begin a free conversation with us by filling in the form on this page and getting some free advice, right away.



We do it all for you. We build you a customised, money-making system that will make your collision repair business create substantially more wealth for you. We take care of everything from beginning to end: from research to strategic planning, to implementation, the training of staff on systems upon rollout and its ongoing refinement and improvement. We are with our clients every step of the way, leading you directly towards greater success. When we finish, your bodyshop will:

  • make a lot more money
  • do many more cars per week
  • be much easier to run
  • become a large brand
  • be less dependent on insurers
  • have new revenue streams
  • be worth more if you sell it
  • be able to run well without you so you can take some time off
  • World's best practise efficiency
  • have very few errors/rework

To find out how you can have all of these things is easy - and its free. Simply fill in the form on this page to get us to call you at no cost; or call us directly yourself during Australian business hours (GMT +9.5 hours). Our phone number is at the bottom of this page.



We are very experienced at turning good automotive repair businesses into amazing repair businesses. We will grow your revenues and profits, plus build your brand and market share using our many integrated business services:

  • Business planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Market research
  • Sales management
  • Media production
  • Financial
  • Tenders, bids & proposals
  • eLearning & training
  • Product development
  • Website & eCommerce
  • Lean production methodology

You simply must be a proactve busines owner to make money in the collision repair game today. Insurance companies will not look out for you - it is up to you to ensure your business provides the very best returns for your family. Yes, it is still possible to attain wealth in our industry today, but ONLY for those that do everything the right way. Don't wait any longer to get the best money making system in the world for crash repairers...fill out the form on this page and get some free advice, immediately. Your family deserve it.

The Business Firm

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