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Note that this service is only available during South Australian business hours (GMT +10.5 hrs). Internationally, this equates to bookings accepted only during the following times for these regions:

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In an effort to help business owners, high-level managers and Board Directors with their commercial decisions, The Business Firm offers a limited number of consults at no cost as part of its Free Advisory Service. This free service is available both to commercial enterprises as well as for non-profit organisations anywhere in the world. We can accommodate calls conducted in English and in Italian. (Spanish and Chinese coming soon)

Your 30 minute free consult gives you two wins: firstly, to help diagnose the cause of any problems you may be experiencing; and secondly, to give you the most appropriate actions required to help you achieve your goals. While there are multiple potential courses of action a business can take upon encountering opportunities or threats, there usually is only one that is actually cost efficient and effective. We will tell you what that is.

Whether you want to achieve accellerated business growth, greater profitability, expansion to new markets, much larger sales, fundraising goals or want siginificant marketing advantages over your competitors, simply submit a time that suits you for our consultant to call you for your first 30-minute call. Where appropriate, you may receive a second free call providing you with even more answers. All the information given to you is of no cost and carries no obligation - it is simply there for your business to get the outcomes you want.

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We will create for you a world-class, modern business system that will scale seamlessly, allowing you to grow a large business that is easy to run, is super efficient and significantly more profitable. We support organisations from beginning to end: from research to strategic planning, its implementation, the training of staff on systems upon rollout, systems operations and its ongoing refinement and improvement. We are with our clients every step of the way, throughout the entire business cycle.



We grow your revenues and profits, build your brand and increase your market share.

  • Business planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Market research
  • Sales management
  • Media production
  • Tenders, bids & proposals
  • eLearning & training
  • Product development
  • Website & eCommerce
  • International trade


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