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Congratulations and welcome. You have found one of Australia's best business services providers. We offer a full suite of professional services to U.S. based businesses, governments and non-profit organisations. We are specially equipped to meet the needs of businesses from the United States wishing to enter the Australian market. We help American businesses be successful in Australia by shortcutting the costly mistakes and risky assumptions that almost all American businesses unknowingly make when expanding into the Australian continent. We will help you achieve growth in all States and Territories of Australia so you enjoy greater profitability than you are likely to realise by yourself. We minimise your risk, we deliver you best efficiencies for the Australian context and ensure your organisational culture and your brand work properly with Australians. Most of all, we endeavour to achieve all of these while making the business easier to run.

The Business Firm will provide your business with the various strategic consulting services you need to cover all aspects of achieving a highly successful, modern business in Australia. We create for you the culture-appropriate solutions necessary today, to enjoy the type of financial results awaiting American firms that enter Australia the right way. Even if your U.S. established business is already operating in Australia and presently experiencing issues like shrinking profits, operational inefficiencies, threatening competition or it is simply wearing you down with the effort it takes to run...we can turn all these things around in a relatively short timeframe, in many instances. You just need to ask us...your first meeting with us is free and we tell you what improvements your business needs to be successful in Australia.

"We ensure the efforts and money you invest in your Australian based business, return to you as the highest possible rewards".

We invite you to CLICK THE BOOK NOW BUTTON to request a free discussion with one of our business consultants who will provide you an initial videoconference by Skype (or a phone call), to discuss how your organisation can best capitalise on the Australian market opportunity (or solve any present problem) and achieve excellent results. This initial meeting carries no obligation to your business nor does it carry any charge, but it can be incredibly valuable as it could help validate your plans to enter Australia. If in our conversation with you we determine the feasibility of your product or service faces overbearing risk, we may likely advise you to reconsider entry or perhaps further develop your offering to better suit Australia. It is a shortcut for you to find out what is necessary for your business, so you achieve your desired outcomes.

We are experienced in dealing with U.S. firms and are aware of the particular aspects of American marketing that does not work well in Australia so know where to begin looking to 'smooth' campaigns and offerings to best ensure commercial success here. In fact, we are well versed in the nuances of many cultures as our clients come from around the world, including India, China, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. With experience in every sector of the Australian economy (including automotive, agriculture, industrial, retail, education, hospitality, publishing, legal, financial services, IT, health and general commercial), we are well positioned to bring the very best outcomes the Australian market can bring, for your U.S. based business.

Please note that due to timezone differences (the US is almost a day behind Australia) we can only provide a free consultation to persons in the US between 4:pm and 7:00pm American time.




Bello Stilo, Italy - 2014

"The Business Firm was the most important partner we had that allowed us to successfully enter the Australian market with our luxury fashion brands. They were extremely professional and helped us avoid many costly mistakes we would otherwise made. We encourage any international firm wishing to do business in Australia or New Zealand to contact The Business Firm before committing resources blindly".

Australoriginals, Australia - 2015

"The Business Firm helped us do very well commercially in Australia. Afterwards, we were very interested in exporting Australian sheepskin goods to Asia, North America and Europe. The Business Firm was instrumental in guiding us through the entire process. From ensure we develop products that suit the target market, to finding distribution overseas to preparing promotional items, to the website, to developing the appropriate IT infrastructure for ordering and payments, we were really looked after by them".

Automotive Safety Data, London - 2015

We are one of a small number of specialist global businesses that deal with the analysis of data in the onboard computers built into all new cars. We needed a large distribution network of businesses within the automotive industry to partner with us, as well as strategic partnerships with other major stakeholders in the Australian economy, The Business Firm was sensational in their manner as our consultants. We recommend them to any enterprise".



Our business consultants will take the time to properly understand your business, your industry and your objectives. We will combine the latest practises of your sector, the most current economic trends and our strategic expertise to give you a clear, strategic plan that will take your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be. Strategic emphasis is placed on competitive advantage, on growing revenue, of increasing profitability and in decreasing risks. Documentation we create for you is comprehensive and easy to follow - like an operations manual. Moreover, we don't just hand you a document and leave you to your own devices, we stay with you and support you in it's implementation to ensure it is succesfully rolled out. We are with you, every step of the way. We equip you with game-changing attributes that result in greater market power.

We will create you a business plan that illuminates a clear course to lead your organisation to whatever commercial destination you tell us you desire - even if you want to 10x your business. In fact, your new business plan will be the single-most important (and lucrative) investment that your organisation can make. That's why banks, investors and lenders require applicants have a professionally produced business plan prior to submission for funding. The creation of this document is what we provide for you.

Business planning applies to all organisations: commercial businesses that want growth, non-profits that want to build their capacity to help others or extend influence, educational institutions that endeavour to empower people with knowledge, sporting clubs that want to improve facilities and attract sponsorships, industry groups that want to look after members and regain control of or improve their industry and government agencies or local councils that wish to deliver greater services to its community. All business plans are best combined with expert marketing strategy (see next section) to achieve synergistic outcomes.

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The Business Firm prepares high quality, strategic marketing plan for clients across the world. Marketing strategy we create gives you significant increases in sales, increases in profit margins and substantial growth of your brand. Our focus is not only to create wealth for you, but to ensure your brand is highly valuable so it is worth the most money possible in the event your business is sold - or so that the owner no longer need be personally involved with clients (this is a common problem with many service-based businesses with a charismatic founder that finds themself unable to separate themselves from the face of the business). We ensure your brand investment is rewarded with goodwill...not only on the Balance Sheet, but with suppliers and in buyers' loyalty in the marketplace.

The Business Firm is a high end marketing consultancy, offering the full suite of services across all seven parts of the extended marketing mix. Thorough use of modern, state-of-the -art marketing science methodologies ensures our clients enjoy a level of professional advisory rarely offered by the majority of our competitors. Too often unfortunately, many who call themselves 'marketing consultants' are really just artists/designers with no understanding of the microeconomics of how markets actually work mechanically. Our consultants however, are University quailified in marketing science (a business management discipline, not a visual art); hence, are properly able to advise the correct strategic programme that delivers effectiveness with as efficient resource allocation as possible. We know what money you should spend and what you don't need to. In particular, we have the expertise to guard you from being mislead into incurring unnecessary advertising expenses you would almost certainly be 'advised' to make by typical media sales reps whose agenda is to fulfill their own targets, not necessarily to maximise your media ROI.

Marketing strategy we develop for your organisation always fits perfectly with your business plan - hand in glove - so we ensure you are on track to fulfilling your mission. It is marketing that breathes life into an otherwise inanimate set of business plans. Under our guidance, we will deliver you marketing that allows your organisation to interact powerfully with your market, in a way that your competitors simply can't. Your marketing plan is where the commercial success of your organisation is generated and it is what will ultimately drive you to the most lucrative possible destination you tell us you want to arrive at. If your business is not getting the very best, effective marketing advice; then you will be burning up cash on ineffective promotions - and worse, you will be leaving money on the table for your competitors...big time.

We will help you with all aspects of marketing: starting from sound market research that reveals what buyers actually need; to product development that allows you to create an offering that matches those needs; to correct pricing strucutres; to the full breadth of promotions including advertising, PR, events, websites, online ads, mobile apps, trade shows, radio, TV and social media. We also make sure your stores, surrounds, people and processes are all optimised to deliver maximum customer value that returns maximum business profits and builds your brand in the most cost effective manner possible. You will get from us the most thorough, efficient, highest-producing marketing system possible. Every week that passes without you speaking to us about your business, is costing you money. There is no cost or obligation to get some preliminary advice from us. We're here to serve you.

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The success of any organisation is dependent on whether it is serving the actual needs of its target market. Forget about trying to sell ice to the Eskimos...they don't need it, so won't buy it. Sell them heaters and blankets instead because that is what they actually need and are ready to spend their money on. And although this is a obvious and amusing anecdote, the vast majority of enterprises today still open businesses, develop products, create things, deliver services, make investments, prepare to enter markets and attempt to make commercial decisions without knowing whether there are enough buyers who are interested in what they offer to make it worthwhile - or even if what those buyers actually want what the business has! It sounds crazy, but this is the reason why so many new businesses and new products are doomed to fail...nobody ever wanted them to start off with and worse still, the business never checked. Similarly, almost all existing businesses that are already doing well today are leaving extraordinary money on the table every month simply because their offering only just approximates what the market wants. With some market research they would know how to make their current offering spectacularly more attractive to those who aren't presently buying it (i.e. most of the potential buyers in the market) and so they would dramatically increase market share and take customers away from their competitors, en-masse.

The Business Firm conducts market research to determine the viability of a new market and/or the viability of a new product, for existing businesses. We also carry out research for new startups (that don't yet have either a product or market) to test various ideas and concepts before any major investments are undertaken. Market research returns incredibly valuable intelligence about an opportunity upon which a much more informed decision can then be made prior to commercial committment. For existing businesses, it substantially reduces the risk of deciding to enter a market and increases the chances that the product you will develop will be a winner with buyers. This is the managerial philosophy of Apple and it what has made them the largest, most profitable and most innovative company in the world.

Market research also returns information about your brand and how it is perceived in the market. It is essential that all your stakeholders: buyers, suppliers, agents, distributors, sellers, authorities etc. regard your business well. The Business Firm helps you track qualitative metrics such as customer satisfaction with your staff, the perceived quality of your offering and the health of your brand. It also allows a risk-free way to test uncertain ideas before actually doing them, such as whether customers prefer different ordering methods or if it is safe to introduce a fee for delivery. Market research services at The Business Firm therefore, serve many functions: to assess the viability of a market; to drive new product development; to test if buyers will respond to a new feature of an existing offering; to uncover sought-after extras that can be sold as additional options; whether your products, services and staff are 'up to scratch'; and to gague how the market regards your brand compared to your competitors'.

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The Business Firm assists international companies wishing to access the lucrative Australian and New Zealand markets. We also assist Australian companies develop an export strategy, helping them access markets outside Australia. Our clients come from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Canada, South Africa, Liberia, Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

We are able to create business strategy that suits different economies and socio-political environemnts; and marketing that is culturally appropriate, to maximise success and minimise risks.

If your business is ready to explore entering Australia, we encourage you to please contact us to arrange an initial, free Skype consult that carries no obligation for you. Note that we are able to accommodate calls in English and Italian and that all consults are conducted during Central Australian business hours. We find the best times for international clients to book consult slot is late afternoon in America (equates to mornings in Australia), mornings in Europe (equates to early evening in Australia) and mornings in Asia (equates to afternoon in Australia).

For Australian organisations that want to do business overseas, we welcome you to discuss your plans with us either in person or by phone, at no cost or obligation, so we can determine for you the best way forward towards your international success.

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Sales is the life-blood of all organisations - including non-profits and government (in which case 'buyers' are simply referred to as users, members, ratepayers, patients, community etc. and 'sales' are instead called service provisions, memberships, subscribers, voters etc.). Nothing happens until a sale takes place - as it is the unit wherein value is exchanged from one to another. Simply put, whether made by sales people, websites or vending machines; sales are really the entire point of any organisation as it is the mechanism by which we all participate in the economy. Sales therefore, are the most important activity that exists in any commercial or non-commercial concern. You want to ensure that you are doing sales better, more efficiently and in greater volumes than your competitors are, or else you will lose your buyers very quickly and with them, the viability of your organisation. Sales are the frontline in your particular competitive field, so your game is either won or lost here. Yes, you need to be very good at sales.

Unfortunately, sales are for almost all businesses, the most expensive part of its operations. It is imperative therefore, that your sales staff (whom represent both your biggest asset and your biggest expense) out-perform the rest of your industry. The Business Firm helps you achieve world's best practise in sales in three complementary ways: firstly, by creating a strategic sales plan customised to your industry that is integrated with your marketing and business plans; and secondly, by providing super-effective sales technique training to your entire sales force so they are better than your competitors' sales teams; and thirdly, we deliver good, basic sales and customer service training to the rest of your staff to ensure your entire organisation is customer-driven and that your clients only ever experience a unified, knowledgable and helpful organisation, regardless who serves them. Superior sales technique, an entire staff that is aligned toward customer satisfaction and having the right product that offers just what customers need, in a manner that is easy and enjoyable to buy...will ensure they buy again when it is time.

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The Business Firm creates fully integrated advertising campaigns that ensure our clients gain maximum return on their promotional investments. We create advertising both for specific outcomes (e.g. to promote a sale, event or goal) and for ongoing campaigns (e.g. to build a brand, educate the public or to support a cause). We design advertising that cuts through and gets attention in a saturated market and we know how to programme media buys so as to not waste any impressions so you do not pay for needless space/airtime that does not provide returns. In this way, we protect you from unscrupulous media sales reps that do not necessarily have your interests foremost. We understand consumer psychology and we understand the science behind how advertising actually works (and by the way, it is not how the media and some misleading textbooks popularise). We will create advertising that delivers true commercial outcomes for your organisation and that supports your business objectives. That is, we do not design campaigns intended to win us advertising industry awards...unlike many of our art-driven competitors. Yes, our advertising is strikingly creative, but it serves foremost to build your brand, to build your brand into the go-to business in your target market and to build your bottom line. After all, as a business services firm, we understand that advertising is a means to an end and it is that end that must define what advertising is done, not the vanity of the advertising agency.

We deal with all types of advertising including: magazines, newspapers, radio, television, YouTube and online videos, web ads, billboards, bus shelters, yellow pages, outdoor signs, signage for buildings, stickers, brochures, pamphlets, sales letters and social media ads.

The Business Firm also provides public relations services. These include preparing press releases, strategies for attaining free media publicity, writing policy for dealing with various issues, crisis management, training executives on interview skills, organising press conferences, writing speeches, investor prospecus, anuual reports, creating news copy, government relations, writing blogs, creating text for websites, creating effective sales letters, preparing newsletters, trade shows, product launces, competitions and writing appropriate messages for different stakeholders. Our services extend also to lobbying, tender management and submitting bids.

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