Please get in touch via the contact form below. Alternatively you can send us an email directly via our email address.


Australian Office (Global HQ): International callers phone +61 88121 5711

Australian callers phone 08 8121 5711

Postal Address: PO Box 7407, West Lakes SA 5021, Australia

Australia Contact: Mr Steven Mario Cavallo

SKYPE: stevencavallo


European Office: London (United Kingdom). Phone +44 20 3769 7425

Rome (Italy). Phone +39 Numero Italiano

Europe Contact: Sir Davide Bonanni


African Office: Monrovia (Liberia). Phone +231 8863 11685

1st Floor, Old Carlton Hotel Building

Broad Street, Monrovia

Africa Contacts: Reverend Dekontee Panton and Chiquita Johnson