We know how to make money for you. We create the most effective marketing system for massive lead generation, increased sales revenue and greater profits. We will build your brand and increase your market share. We offer the best marketing services for growth.



The Business Firm consults to governments, councils, industry bodies and other authoriative bodies on economic development. Development can be focussed either on a specific sector of an economy (e.g. tourism, education or manufacturing) or on a geographical region (e.g. Northern Vietnam, West Africa or remote Canada). We have a number of strategies by which we can create rapid development and a network of suppliers to help build capacity (and employment) in the area of focus. We are also able to drastically build consumer demand (the number of buyers) for the area of focus. This is a tailored service that requires an holistic approach in order that both the demand and supply side of the market is development in a balanced and commercially sustainable manner.

If your organisation governs a part of the economy or region; or if yours is a professional/trade body representative of an industry, The Business Firm is able to produce sales growth and help attract investment as well as enhance the quality and level of professionalism in the area of focus.

Please contact us by Skype for a confidential initial meeting. We can accomodate discussions in English and Italian (Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Arabic by appointment).

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The Business Firm creates fully integrated advertising campaigns that ensure our clients gain maximum return on their promotional investments. We create advertising both for specific outcomes (e.g. to promote a sale, event or goal) and for ongoing campaigns (e.g. to build a brand, educate the public or to support a cause). We design advertising that cuts through and gets attention in a saturated market and we know how to programme media buys so as to not waste any impressions so you do not pay for needless space/airtime that does not provide returns. In this way, we protect you from unscrupulous media sales reps that do not necessarily have your interests foremost. We understand consumer psychology and we understand the science behind how advertising actually works (and by the way, it is not how the media and some misleading textbooks popularise). We will create advertising that delivers true commercial outcomes for your organisation and that supports your business objectives. That is, we do not design campaigns intended to win us advertising industry awards...unlike many of our art-driven competitors. Yes, our advertising is strikingly creative, but it serves foremost to build your brand, to build your brand into the go-to business in your target market and to build your bottom line. After all, as a business services firm, we understand that advertising is a means to an end and it is that end that must define what advertising is done, not the vanity of the advertising agency.

We deal with all types of advertising including: magazines, newspapers, radio, television, YouTube and online videos, web ads, billboards, bus shelters, yellow pages, outdoor signs, signage for buildings, stickers, brochures, pamphlets, sales letters and social media ads.

The Business Firm also provides public relations services. These include preparing press releases, strategies for attaining free media publicity, writing policy for dealing with various issues, crisis management, training executives on interview skills, organising press conferences, writing speeches, investor prospecus, anuual reports, creating news copy, government relations, writing blogs, creating text for websites, creating effective sales letters, preparing newsletters, trade shows, product launces, competitions and writing appropriate messages for different stakeholders. Our services extend also to lobbying, tender management and submitting bids.

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The Business Firm can broadcast live to up to 10,000 viewers simultaneously, any event, speech, presentation, conference, lesson, sales demonstration or meeting your organisation organises or stages. The broadcast is delivered via the internet and can be viewed by any person via any device (i.e. PC, Mac, Windows, Android phone, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone etc.). Viewers need no special software to watch your event, all they need is a browser.

We provide cameras on site and produce the show for your in its entirety, including taking care of all the technical issues suchas streaming, lighting, audio, mxiing, and setting up of a custom web address to host the event. We also record the event for you and can place it on the internet for replay.

We can provide you with a fully public broadcast that is open to the public at large, or a private broadcast that is open only to those you specifically invite. We can also arrange that your broadcast is either streamed for free or for a fee (we can take care of all the e-commerce payments on your behalf too).

For more information about this powerful service, please contact us directly.



Many important outcomes are dependent on building a case over a sustained period or in submitting a document, video or giving a live presentation at a certain date. Often, there is much at stake and all is riding on the ability to produce an amazing document, the ability to provide an innovative solution that conforms to stringent specifications, the ability to give a stunning speech, write a sales proposal or any of many other type of submission that must strongly and competitively convince.

The Business Firm is highly experienced in the preparation of such projects, having produced submissions for businesses seeking commercial outcomes, for non-profits seeking grants, for industry groups seeking legislative change, for patient groups seeking medical support, for community & sports groups seeking sponsorship or funding and for government or syndicates seeking to right to hold an event. The Business Firm creates presentations for clients that want to make an impression. Organisations often need to get their message across in an impactful and relevant manner. It may be to sell to a buyer, to showcase to a potential investor, to gain a sponsor, to put your case to government, to launch a product, to inspire or motivate, to demonstrate a product, to give a lecture, to give training or instruction, to arouse interest in a cause, to persuade people of your view or to lead a group through a process. Regardless of your aim, the presentation must grab your audience's attention, it must be professional and above all, it must produce the outcome you want to achieve.

We have enormous experience producing engaging and effective presentations in a variety of formats for clients from all industries, worldwide. We help you right from the start, to define your target audience and your desired outcome. We then develop the most appropriate storyline to ensure your audience is progressed logically through the presentation in a manner that produces belief and confidence in your message and results in the attitudinal shift you intended in your audience. We build a case for their rational and emotional involvement and include the appropriate call to action to trigger a sale, sponsorship, vote or whichever behaviour you direct them toward.

Presentations can be any combination of: spoken, audio recordings, video, PowerPoint slides, visuals, websites, physical props, transparencies, white/blackboards, flipcharts, graphs, statistics, paper handouts, booklets, live music, celebrity & guest appearances, Q&A, panel of experts, industry endorsements, live audience games, iPad distributed content, quizzes, live demonstrations, point-of-sale materials, apps for smart phones, public display kiosks (e.g. large, touchscreen directories in shopping malls and government buildings) and any other creative method that adds weight and impact to the audience.

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Our business consultants will take the time to properly understand your business, your industry and your objectives. We will combine the latest practises of your sector, the most current economic trends and our strategic expertise to give you a clear, strategic plan that will take your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be. Strategic emphasis is placed on competitive advantage, on growing revenue, of increasing profitability and in decreasing risks. Documentation we create for you is comprehensive and easy to follow - like an operations manual. Moreover, we don't just hand you a document and leave you to your own devices, we stay with you and support you in it's implementation to ensure it is succesfully rolled out. We are with you, every step of the way. We equip you with game-changing attributes that result in greater market power.

We will create you a business plan that illuminates a clear course to lead your organisation to whatever commercial destination you tell us you desire - even if you want to 10x your business. In fact, your new business plan will be the single-most important (and lucrative) investment that your organisation can make. That's why banks, investors and lenders require applicants have a professionally produced business plan prior to submission for funding. The creation of this document is what we provide for you.

Business planning applies to all organisations: commercial businesses that want growth, non-profits that want to build their capacity to help others or extend influence, educational institutions that endeavour to empower people with knowledge, sporting clubs that want to improve facilities and attract sponsorships, industry groups that want to look after members and regain control of or improve their industry and government agencies or local councils that wish to deliver greater services to its community. All business plans are best combined with expert marketing strategy (see next section) to achieve synergistic outcomes.

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Our software development team is able to design custom software applications, databases and eCommerce solutions. We can write in all major software languages and for all platforms, including Apple's iPhones, iPads, iPods and the Macintosh; as well as all Android devices, Windows and Linux. We also create HTML5 web apps. We submit all the apps to the appropriate Apple, Android or Microsoft store for sale and global distribution.

The Business Firm offers a full strategic marketing service that will help your app be more succesfull. Marketing can be localised into different languages to suit various target territories. For web commerce we are able to set you up with a robust ordering system and to take payments online. Contact us for an intial consult to discuss your intended project, which carries no cost or obligation to you.

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The Business Firm offers extensive design, print and publishing services to clients worldwide. Our creative team produces logos and branding, artwork for signs, posters and billboards, packagaing and carton design, brochures and flyers, display advertising artwork for newspapers and magazines, online advertising banners, menus, book covers and multimedia communications.

Our publishing house produces high quality publications such as magazines, yearbooks, annual reports, investor prospectus', training manuals, alamanacs and catalogues. In addition we produce comprehensive pieces such as textbooks, novels, non-fiction books, sales literature, educational syllabuses, newsletters, tenders, proposals and bid documents,

We produce artwork and publications from scratch for our clients. We also take your existing content and can improve it, repurpose it into another format (e.g. we can turn your written novel into an audio book that can then be sold on CD and as a streaming file online). In fact, we can turn any original intellectual property into many other products such as eBooks, audiobooks, online courses, video segments, interactive eLearning, games and apps.

We digitise any existing or new content into the appropriate file types for the various global publishing distribution platforms such as iTunes, iBooks, iTunes U, the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble's Nook, interactive CD ROMs, DVD movies and Udemy. Part of the service includes proofreading, document layout and print-ready artwork.

We also offer a service to people wishing to write a book, but lack the time or expertise to write it themselves. We have a number of easy and effective methods to quickly create a book with your own ideas. You give us the information as spoken notes (i.e. we ask you lots of questions and simply record your answers) and we then do all the hard work of turning that content into print-ready content that you can either make into a physical book, an eBook for online distribution or both. We can handle all the writing, proofreading, production, distribution and submission to iTunes, iBooks, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Audible and other sales platforms.

Our PRINT services are comprehensive, with the ability to do long print runs (where high volume and low unit cost suits) as well as short runs at lower volume or where a high degree of customisation is required (e.g. for training manuals that change yearly). We can also do print on demand, where the product is printed one unit at a time only when it is needed, eliminating all need to hold inventory. Print on demand suits perfectly an author/organisation that has multiple books/manuals primarily in digital format only (e.g. as a PDF or a Kindle eBook or Apple iBook) that are usually sold as a digital download, but are also offered in print form. When a sale/order is made for the print version, this automatically triggers us to print the quantity required (this could be one or many) and we ship it either directly to the reader or to yourself for subsequent fulfillment. There is a lot of flexibility in our print room and we can accommodate many different scenarios, so please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion about how we can best serve your needs.

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Every organisation must fund it's operations, or it will cease to exist. The Business Firm is extremely experienced in creating world's-best-practise fundraising systems for our clients. We create automated systems that simultaneously deliver all three objectives of fundraising: to raise revenue, build brand and acquire new donors. There are many fundraisng tools we custom-create for our clients. These include: securing sponsors, creating a regular giving programme, growing memberships, creating events and functions, In-Memoriam donations, database marketing, running lotteries, social media fundraising (e.g. FaceBook, Everyday Hero etc.), bequest programmes, selling products, managing longterm capital drives to fund building works and equipment purchases, as well as cultivating philantropists for major gifts and applying to foundations and government for grants. We also help organisations commercialise their intellectual property and can build a licensing programme where companies pay for the right to use the charity's logo as an endorsement or as a supported cause. We build a solid, diversified revenue base with multiple streams including any of the above. We also build effective crowdfunding platforms that help raise funds, engage a community, build an audience (that becomes a ready-made donor base) and that can kickstart a new and positive project.

Here at The Business Firm, we work exceedingly hard to help non-profit organisations achieve the funds they need to make a significant difference to the world. Please contact us for a free, no obligation first consult to discuss how we may best help manifest your organisation's goals.

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Our studio produces soundtrack-quality music that is customised for your particular needs. We create jingles, theme songs, radio advertisements, community announcements, do songwriting, music composition, soundtracks for films, scoring (written notation) of melodies, intros and outros for newsfeeds and podcasts, sound effects and mood music for game developers, musical accompaniment for apps and software, as well as audio file format preparation for streaming services online.

We can create audiobook versions of existing publications or books, as well as record original music from new artists into finished albums. We then upload the final production for sale on the major online stores such as iTunes, iBooks, Google Books, Amazon's Kindle, Kobo, Audible and Barnes & Noble's Nook. We can produce CDs complete with a professinal album cover and supporting marketing materials and website.

As an integrated business services company, we have the internal resources to help you create the very best audio production, package it, prepare for internet or physical distribution, create a marketing plan for you, set up the correct sales processes, then create the appropriate mechanisms to build your fan list, encourage them to share about you with their own networks and ultimately, build a total system for you that will grow increasing sales of your media content.

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The Business Firm offers a wide range of writing services to clients around the world. Our in-house writers are well versed in producing high quality copy for all purposes such as communication, persuasion, information, entertainment and proofreading. Sales copy done right can be 'gold' for your business.

Examples of work include: marketing materials, advertising text, market analysis, bids, tenders, proposals, sales letters, brochures, promotional emails, law case studies, briefs, client correspondence; works of fiction, non-fiction books, lobbying campaigns, letters to politicians, operations procedures, industry articles, technical writing, manuals, reviews, annual reports, contracts, web content, blog posts and scripts for video productions.

We also offer a service to people wishing to write a book, but lack the time or expertise to write it themselves. We have a number of easy and effective methods to quickly create a book with your own ideas. You give us the information as spoken notes (i.e. we ask you lots of questions and simply record your answers) and we then do all the hard work of turning that content into print-ready content that you can either make into a physical book, an eBook for online distribution or both. We can handle all the writing, proofreading, production, distribution and submission to iTunes, iBooks, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Audible and other sales platforms.

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The Business Firm offers speakers and presenters to organisations or media that require an expert on business topics. We are able to speak both at very large events and at small meetings, as well as give interviews in person or by video/phone. Clients that use this service use our speakers and trainers for:

  • conferences
  • industry events
  • professional development
  • corporate 'love-ins'
  • learning workshops
  • awards ceremonies
  • trade association meetings
  • board sessions
  • strategic planning sessions
  • brainstorming & facilitation
  • marketing workshops
  • response to current events/affairs/issues
  • media management/training & crisis recovery
  • sales strategy
  • product demonstrations
  • government events
  • fundraising events

Our speakers can present on a number of topics, which can be chosen singularly or a number combined. These include:

  • strategic marketing
  • fundraising
  • sponsorship
  • business planning
  • advertising
  • corporate culture
  • innovation
  • developing information products
  • online marketing
  • distrubtion and logistics
  • eCommerce
  • sales strategy and sales management
  • Lean operations
  • market research
  • successful bids and tenders
  • international trade
  • eLearning and training
  • publishing today
  • websites and apps
  • customer service
  • commercialising intellectual property
  • being a successful author
  • entrepreneurship
  • direct mail, building lists and databases
  • how advertising actually works
  • the truth about consumer behaviour

To equire about a speaker, presenter or trainer that will suit your needs, please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion or email us.

Take a look at organisations we help.



The Business Firm has the ability to help your industry better manage the biggest challenges it faces. For example, your industry may suffer a situation that stems from an unfair market power advantage imposed on you because there are very few big buyers that continually drive your price down (e.g. 3 supermarkets to 5,000 farmers, or insurers to crash repairers etc.). Often, these few buyers use thier enormous relative market power to dictate terms to the businesses that supply that market. This almost always translates to severe strain in your business' ability to make money and subsequently, strain on the family that owns the business. Talk to us today about possible solutions. to overcoming this situation.

We are experienced in helping industry associations, guilds, employer groups and other bodies overcome or minimise these issues. Book a free, no obligation consult with one of our advisors to get some answers quickly on how to improve the market position of your industry.

A full business strategy including integrated marketing plan was created for a high-profile automotive industry body in Australia. The bold ambition of the plan lead to seismic change for that organisation in their industry. It addressed the top five concerns all businesses in that industry were facing, that resulted in a shift in the power struggle endured against an oppressive supply oligopoly. The outcome was a spectacular turn-around for those industry members (i.e. the individual business). As part of our suite of services, we also provide lobbying, pubic relations, bids preparation and tender management.



We help charities, sporting clubs, industry associations, schools, professional bodies, unions, membership organisations and political parties. We can help with fundraising, brand building, media publicity, social media, online donations, sponsorships, governance, annual reports and commercialisation of intellectual property.

We also give presentations to Board members on strategic marketing and business development. These presentations are particularly useful to Boards prior to undertaking strategic planning as the information we share at these presentations help expand enormously the success that organisation can enjoy thereafter. Board presentations can be tailored to a specific industry or sector (e.g. health, sports, welfare, education etc.) and to any combination of topics (e.g. fundraising, public relations, sponsorships, online strategy etc.).

Our first meeting with you is free and carries no obligation. Contact us today to look at the ways we can help your non-profit succeed.



The Business Firm supplies professional services to agencies operating at all three tiers of government: federal, state and local. Our committment is to create superior service to the people that use those government services, in an efficient and effective manner.

Popular services used by government include: eLearning, advertising (e.g. promoting locations or events), publishing, printing, strategic marketing, websites, app development, radio commercials, magazines & annual reports and the production of touchscreen information kiosks for public buildings. To begin a conversation with us about how we might be able to assist your agency, department or office deliver the services it is mandated to provide to its users, please contact us for a free, no obligation initial consultation.