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The Business Firm assists Australian companies wishing to access overseas markets such as the U.S., Canada, China, India, Europe and Africa.

We are able to create business strategy that suits different economies and socio-political environemnts; and marketing that is culturally appropriate to that market, to maximise success and minimise business risks for exporters..

If your business is ready to explore exporting, we encourage you to please contact us to arrange an initial, free Skype consult that carries no obligation for you. Note that we are able to accommodate calls in English and Italian and that all consults are conducted during Central Australian business hours.

Almost any existing businesses that is already doing well in their domestic market is leaving extraordinary money on the table every month by not pursing an export strategy. Most of the buyers after all, are outside Australia. By conducting prelimanary market research for your company, we can determine for you how to make your current offering spectacularly more attractive to buyers in foreign markets; and so dramatically increase your chances of export success and your global market share. And if you are already participating in a foreign market, we can conduct research for you that returns information about your brand and how it is perceived in that market.

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We create fully integrated advertising campaigns that ensure our clients gain maximum return on investments. We design advertising that cuts through and gets attention in a saturated market and we know how to programme media buys so you do not pay for needless space/airtime that does not provide returns. We understand consumer psychology and we understand the science behind how advertising actually works. We deal with all types of advertising including: magazines, newspapers, radio, television, YouTube and online videos, web ads, billboards, bus shelters, yellow pages, outdoor signs, signage for buildings, stickers, brochures, pamphlets, sales letters and social media adss

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Free Advisory Service Launched
We have just launched a new free service to help business owners access professional advice to accelerate growth of their business. Book a free 30 minute appointment with a business consultant for free business advice.


Listen to our weekly Podcast for high quality advice, news and discussion about business success. We answer questions posed by our listeners around the world. Look in iTunes or Stitcher for the podcast called The Busines Firm and subscribe. This is one of the best business podcasts in the world.



Free Education
The Business Firm offers free, high quality online seminars for business owners, managers and Board Directors. Important sales and marketing, fundraising and business development information for free. This is amongst the best business webinar in the world.






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