Mr Steven Mario Cavallo - International Speaker, Podcast & Video Host, Author, Marketing Consultant & Business Coach



Founder and Chief Strategist at The Business Firm - International Consulting Company

Steven has a Bachelor of Management (Marketing), Diploma of Business, Cert. in International Business, Grad. FIA, plus tertiary studies in Lean Processes, Japanese, Profesional Wrtiting, PPG Management Systems, eCommerce & Online Retailing, Web 2.0 Advanced Fundraiising, Donor Management, Direct Marketing, Music and Audio Production and eLearning. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and has authored several publications and created online courses and offers a free service to business as well as high quality free education products.

Steven has a strong commercial background, having managed and owned businesses across various industries, including automotive, industrial coatings, capital equipment and sales. Since 1998 he has concentrated on providing Australian businesses with high quality, professional management consulting through the business services company he established called The Business Firm. Areas of expertise include business planning, financial modelling, strategic marketing, sales management and Lean process engineering. The provision of quality education programmes has been something Steven has been intimately involved in for many years: from the Golden Key tutoring he has done in Microeconomics and in Marketing Principles at the University of South Australia; to the many seminars and workshops he presents internationally to corporates, government and the non-profit sector. He speaks professionally, including providing motivation to school children and young adults in an effort to positively influence their lives, wherever and however possible (yes, Steven is passionate about building purposeful lives in our young people). As a Board member of multiple charities since 18, he strives to empower others to greatness; that those whose lives Steven may touch should be better for it. His speaking, seminars, online teaching and books are all efforts to add value to the lives of those with an entrepreneurial spirit.



Steven Mario Cavallo produces and hosts a weekly radio show that is distributed globally through iTunes and Stitcher Radio and TuneIn and other international digital media platform as a podcast. The show is designed specifically for decision makers: entrepreneurs, business owners, high-level managers and Board Directors who typically control significant plant and human capital.

Each episode covers different topics related to running a high-peforming business. You will get empirically proven, strategic advice that will result in more profit for you. Areas covered include: strategic marketing, business development, sales performance, advertising, public relations, social media promotions, eCommerce, large-scale fundraising, research and how to build a global business properly.

You will collect high-level content from Steven Mario Cavallo, The Business Firm's founder; and you will also get the opportunity to have a business problem you are dealing with, solved. You’ll also enjoy a sky-high view from the Tower of Success where you’ll sit alongside Steven in The Business Firm Presidential Lounge and pick the brains of the very best business thought leaders in the world, during an interview.

This is the show that helps you in your duty of being an effective business leader.

The Business Firm Radio Show is produced in Adelaide, South Australia weekly and released internationally to a worldwide audience: the decision makers and entrepreneurs who are building our global economy.

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Steven concludes every radio show, warning of the dangers of business owners and executives following the 'advice' of non-qualified, supposed 'marketing gurus' that is strewed about the internet and that can cause severe financial and branding damage to a business. That’s why we make this podcast for you, to help protect you and millions of others from being lead astray. So you can safely share this podcast with your contacts knowing you will thanked; and the content appreciated.

So how do you know what’s good information and bad information in the risky realm of business advice? Well, you could do what your host Steven Cavallo did and spend a decade intensively studying marketing science at University, and run businesses, give lectures and train people and do lots of high level consulting work across different industries…OR you can simply get the true fundamentals in an easily understood form…for free.

You are welcome to a free seat in the next Webinar (online seminar) where Steven will be presenting vital aspects of marketing science and business development. Topics covered include: how advertising REALLY works and how to only spend money on what ACTUALLY gives returns. Learn how to sell 20% more without any extra customers; and we reveal the truth about consumer behaviour and HOW buyers actually choose between your brand and your competitors’. Plus, you'll learn the three biggest pieces of misinformation that wastes money and leads to nothing – things that nearly everyone has already been sucked into doing! This information is totally unknown by your competitors (and the false 'gurus'); so knowing it is a lucrative advantage you can easily get over your competitors.

Do yourself a favour and attend the next 45-minute webinar. It will end your vulnerability to misinformation and can finally stem the flow of so many unnecessary expenses you are probably already incurring. There’s no cost, no obligation and you’ll make stacks of money from the information.



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