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We produce a weekly radio show that is distributed globally through iTunes and on Stitcher Radio as a podcast. The show is designed specifically for decision makers: entrepreneurs, business owners, high-level managers and Board Directors who typically control significant plant and human capital. Areas covered include: strategic marketing, business development, sales performance, advertising, public relations, social media promotions, eCommerce, large-scale fundraising, research and how to build a global business properly.

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The Business Firm has an in-house studio team producing professional quality audio productions that can be used for podcasting, voice-overs, the narration of articles, the creation of audiobooks, lectures, radio programmes and other recordings.

If your organisation wishes to reach a global audience and share quality, authoriative content that creates a highly favourable, professional impression in your target market, then please contact us about the steps necessary to create podcasts and other audio productions. We can produce, market and distribute all technical, sound, hosting and IT aspects for your business.

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The Business Firm can broadcast live to up to 10,000 viewers simultaneously, any event, speech, presentation, conference, lesson, sales demonstration or meeting your organisation organises or stages. The broadcast is delivered via the internet and can be viewed by any person via any device (i.e. PC, Mac, Windows, Android phone, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone etc.). Viewers need no special software to watch your event, all they need is a browser.

We provide cameras on site and produce the show for your in its entirety, including taking care of all the technical issues suchas streaming, lighting, audio, mxiing, and setting up of a custom web address to host the event. We also record the event for you and can place it on the internet for replay.

We can provide you with a fully public broadcast that is open to the public at large, or a private broadcast that is open only to those you specifically invite. We can also arrange that your broadcast is either streamed for free or for a fee (we can take care of all the e-commerce payments on your behalf too).

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Episode 101: Innovation, Product Development, 10x Thinking and Leadership. includes topic discussion, then live interview with Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson (inventor of 10x thinking from the School of Thinking) as well as advice on building a professional services consulting business. (Audio).

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Episode 102: Luxury Retailing and Selling Upmarket Global Brands and interview with an international leader in high-end fashion and consultant to luxury brands in Europe, Asia and America. Includes interview with a luxury menswear specialist from Giorgio Armani in Rome. (Audio).

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Episode 103: How to Grow Sales, Business Development, Selling and How to Grow a Massive Businesses Using LinkedIn. Includes interview with Mr Wayne Breitbarth, an expert in professional networking and a LinkedIn specialist. (Audio)

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Episode 104: Work, Sales & Personal ProductivityTools & Massive Human Performance. Includes interview with Mr Anthony Mennillo of Better Than Ever, Australia's foremost scientist in human physical anthropometry and coach to elite athletes and also to high level executives and business owners. He discusses how to drastically improve your energy for incredible business performance and personal achievement.

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Visit: CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

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Episode 105: Creativity & Tools for Creative Business Thinking. How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius Everyday interview with Michael Gelb (plus how to export into the Australian market). Learn the seven principles that will give you the same view of the world as the greatest genius of all time. Also a how to guide on how to prepare your business if you want to sell your product in Australia and New Zealand. (Audio)

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Book: How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci (iBooks)

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Episode 106: How to Use Audio for Selling, Marketing a Business or Idea, for Fundraising or Crowdfunding Campaign with an amazing interview with Ben Krueger from Cashflow Podcasting, a specialist podcast producer from the U.S. (plus advice on how to deal with seasonal demand in the tourism industry). Find out the various strengths and weaknesses of audio-based content marketing and how best to use different types of audio promotion in your organisation. (Audio)

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Episode 107: Effective Communication and Presentation Skills, Interview with Sharon Kaibel and An Introduction to What Marketing Actually Is - in this episode Steven Mario Cavallo discusses what marketing actually is and what it is not in an insightful, myth-busting discussion of markeitng science, based on empirically proven principles. This episode also includes an excellent interview with world-leading communications and presentation coach, Sharon Kaibel of Achiever Net where she teaches the most important aspects of giving a powerful, highly engaging presentation or speech. She also shares the most effective way of having your message achieve the most impact in people's minds so as to get the resonse you want from them. The video version of this interview is available for viewing on The Business Firm YouTube Channel which you can here. This episode is especially valuable for business owners and community leaders who direct and influence people. (Audio version and Video version both available)

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Episode 108: How to Attract Investors, Interview with John Moody on Building Rocket Launch pad for a Profitable Space Industry, and the Microeconomics of Marketing - in this episode, Mr Steven Mario Cavallo continues the discussion from the previous episode on what marketing actually is. Learn how the mechanics of how markets work and why price changes depending on the interplay between demand and supply in your market. Points covered include: what causes demand, why buyers buy, why prices change, whether yoru business is better off increasing of decreasing price...and lots more marketing advice. Also, today's interview is with Mr John Moody from the Moody Space Centre in Australia, who is establishing a rocket launch site in Queensland that can deliver small satellites into orit for very little cost. Learn also the most effective way to attract investors into your business: who to see, where to find investors and how to prepare your presentation in a way that maximises your chances of their investing in your business or idea. (Audio)

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Episode 109: John Lee Dumas Mastery Journal - Productivity, Discipline and Focus. Steven Cavallo - How to Sell Products and Services - plus - How to Get Sponsorships for Charities adn Clubs. - In this episode, Steven Mario Cavallo interviews JOhn Lee Dumas, host of the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire (EO Fire) on mastering productivity, discipline and focus...for incredible results. Also, learn the BEST way to sell products and services using the most effective and natural sales method that exists. Plus learn the correct way to attract sponsors to a non-profit, charity or sporting club. This episode is for people that want to achieve personal growth, build enormous sales to grow their business and to win sponsorships for the cause or event. (Audio)

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Episode 110: Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and Sales Law; plus Ethics, Compliance & Culture Interview with Dr Patricia Harned. In this episode, Steven Mario Cavallo discusses the roll of consumer protection legislation in the field of marketing and sales. In particular, theCompetition and Consumer Act and the Trade Practices Act 1974 in Australia (and the equivalent statue in other countries of the world). The discussion investigates the current legislative requirements in respect to a business’ promotional activities, their product or service claims and their adequate monitoring of public comments in different media platforms: television, radio, online, social media, community forums, review sites, FaceBook and YouTube. Compliance around personal sales methods such as sales force, door to door selling and telemarketing are also investigated. In this episode,Steven interviews one of the world’s foremost experts on ethics, compliance and governance standards: Dr Patricia Harned, CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) in the United States. During the interview, she provides excellent advice to businesses and non-profits on what good ethics policy looks like and the many benefits it can provide – as well as the catastrophic PR issues, fines, litigation and losses it can avoid. (Audio)

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Episode 111: How to Sell More Effectively and Confidently - World's Best Sales Technique. In this episode, Steven Mario Cavallo provides a brief, but extremely informative discussion about the absolute most effective method by which to sell and product or service (or ideology). Learn the ONLY effective sales method that exists - the one that actually follows the natural decision-making process that all buyers experience. Master this key to selling and change your business forever. (Audio version and Video version both avaiable )

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Episode 113: Superb Leadership of Millennials, Gen X and Baby Bommers.Dov Baron on using Transformative People in your Business, So You Can Dominate Your Industry. While a motivated employee is an incredible asset to help turn your business into a commercial success, just image what an entire motivated staff would do for your business? A genuinely motivated, engaged and collaborative staff will quite simply and stunningly transform your business - not only into the industry leader, but into the industry definer. Millennials already comprise half of the workforce in many countries and can be your greatest opportunity (if you understand their motivation) or your greatest threat (if you fail to understand them). Host Steven Mario Cavallo talks to Mr Dov Baron, a world-leading expert on authentic leadership, human performace and staff retention. Dov is the author of the book Fiercely Loyal and the Founder of Full Monty Leadership, an international consulting agency based in Canada. This is invaluable listening for any business owner wanting to grow exponentially; any politician wishing to inform economic development and social development policy; as well as for leaders in education and those in the non-profit sector who are trying to affect large-scale, profound change in the world, for the better. (Audio)

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Episode 114: Build Multiple Revenue Streams and Raising Money for Non-Profits, NGOs, Clubs, Charity, Schools and Philanthropy. Learn the most effective fundraising strategy that exists. Raise significant funds quickly and with multiple revenue streams of income for non-profit organisations. Learn how to set up such powerful programmes that raise the most money the quickest - and in the most synergistic way. Some areas covered include: sponsorships, bequests, regular giving, automated online donations, events, crowdfunding, ub-memorius donations (in lie of flowers) at funerals, major giving, IP licensing and capital works or building campaigns. This episode is a must-listen to any leader or participant in the non-profit or social enterprise world. (Audio version and video version both available)

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Episode 115: How to Build a Culture of Accountability, Responsibility and Committment to Massive Workplace Productivity: Interview with Sam Silverstein. Learn the best way to engage people to voluntarily increase their work producitivty dramatically, so they become fully responsible for their work outcomes and happily accountable to their employer. (Audio)

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Episode 116: Branding: Part 1 of 2. Growing a Brand - Marketing and Packaging:. Learn how to use branding to build a business fast. Use packaging and design to increase sales and win a competitive advantage. (Video)

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Episode 117: Evan Carmichael: Your One Word - Resilience in Business & Entrepreneurship for Incredible Success. Evan Carmichael is a social media giant and online business celebrity from Canada. In this interview, Evan Carmichael shares his secrets to massive financial success abd global fame. Learn how to be resilient, productive and how to win in life. (Video).

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Evan Carmichael official website

Evan Carmichael book: Your One Word (iBooks)

Evan Carmichael book: Your One Word (Amazon)


Episode 118: Lead Generation and Sales Conversion: How to Optimise Marketing for Maximum Sales and Profit: Learn everything you need to know in order to attract new customers, get them to buy, get them to tell their friends and then have them AND their friends buy from you again and again. (Video).

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The Business Firm has the ability to help your industry better manage the biggest challenges it faces. For example, your industry may suffer a situation that stems from an unfair market power advantage imposed on you because there are very few big buyers that continually drive your price down (e.g. 3 supermarkets to 5,000 farmers, or insurers to crash repairers etc.). Often, these few buyers use thier enormous relative market power to dictate terms to the businesses that supply that market. This almost always translates to severe strain in your business' ability to make money and subsequently, strain on the family that owns the business. Talk to us today about possible solutions. to overcoming this situation.

We are experienced in helping industry associations, guilds, employer groups and other bodies overcome or minimise these issues. Book a free, no obligation consult with one of our advisors to get some answers quickly on how to improve the market position of your industry.

A full business strategy including integrated marketing plan was created for a high-profile automotive industry body in Australia. The bold ambition of the plan lead to seismic change for that organisation in their industry. It addressed the top five concerns all businesses in that industry were facing, that resulted in a shift in the power struggle endured against an oppressive supply oligopoly. The outcome was a spectacular turn-around for those industry members (i.e. the individual business).


As part of our suite of services, we also provide lobbying, pubic relations, bids preparation and tender management.



We help charities, sporting clubs, industry associations, schools, professional bodies, unions, membership organisations and political parties. We can help with fundraising, brand building, media publicity, social media, online donations, sponsorships, governance, annual reports and commercialisation of intellectual property.


We also give presentations to Board members on strategic marketing and business development. These presentations are particularly useful to Boards prior to undertaking strategic planning as the information we share at these presentations help expand enormously the success that organisation can enjoy thereafter. Board presentations can be tailored to a specific industry or sector (e.g. health, sports, welfare, education etc.) and to any combination of topics (e.g. fundraising, public relations, sponsorships, online strategy etc.).

Our first meeting with you is free and carries no obligation. Contact us today to look at the ways we can help your non-profit succeed.



The Business Firm supplies professional services to agencies operating at all three tiers of government: federal, state and local. Our committment is to create superior service to the people that use those government services, in an efficient and effective manner.


Popular services used by government include: eLearning, advertising (e.g. promoting locations or events), publishing, printing, strategic marketing, websites, app development, radio commercials, magazines & annual reports and the production of touchscreen information kiosks for public buildings. To begin a conversation with us about how we might be able to assist your agency, department or office deliver the services it is mandated to provide to its users, please contact us for a no obligation initial consultation that carries no cost to you.